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Frequently Asked Questions
+ 1

What is GF-9?

+ 2

What is GH?

+ 3

Who has GH?

+ 4

How do I know if GF-9 is good for me?

+ 5

What type of benefit can I expect from taking GF-9?

+ 6

What’s in GF-9? Does it contain GH/an actual hormone?

+ 7

Does GF-9 actually work?

+ 8

How does GF-9 differ from other products claiming to increase GH?

+ 9

Does GF-9 have any caffeine in it?

+ 10

Is it safe to take GF-9 with my medication?

+ 11

Is GF-9 patented?

+ 12

Is GF-9 FDA approved?

+ 13

Are your products FDA approved?

+ 14

How long have people been using GF-9?

+ 15

What supply is recommended to start with to see best results?

+ 16

How long can I take GF-9?

+ 17

What if I stop taking GF-9?

+ 18

When is the best time of day to take GF-9?

+ 19

Why do the directions say to not eat two hours before or after taking GF-9?

+ 20

I’ve seen online that GH has side effects. How does this apply to GF-9?

+ 21

Is there an age limit for taking GF-9?

+ 22

How can I remember to take my GF-9?

+ 23

What is Novex Biotech?

+ 24

When will I receive my order?

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1 Bottle of GF-9 120ct
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GH Has
Been Associated With:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved mood & energy